Thursday 24 January 2013

Lead Generation Software/Application

Today, qualified lead generation is leveraging efficiencies never seen before in the world of marketing. B2B marketers can now decide who their ideal prospects are. Then, they can create the perfect formula for generating leads to drive that population. In light of this B2B marketing revolution, there is no need to purchase unqualified prospects. If you can control your ROI destiny with lead generation software, why shouldn’t you?

Main benefits of Self Lead generation:

  • More Chances to Influence the Sale
  • Arm Leads With Information Angled at Converting
  • Forecast with Authority

Lead generation software supplies you with the tools you’ll need to forecast how many leads you’ll generate month to month. The Main and the basic world wide lead generation tool is power dialer. Power dialer helps you to generate leads through cold calling with the double, triple or quadruple speed of manual calling and lead generation. Also it is the only most trusted way of generating qualified leads.

With the My Sales Dialer, a single agent can make more than 300 calls a day. so you don't have to waste any time. This results in better contact rates and more leads than a traditional power dialer. Learn more about MY SALES DIALER


  1. Managed and monitored by one remote place.
  2. High quality CRM features.
  3. Ability to create and execute reminders with one click
  4. Ability to create reminders while call prospecting
  5. Ability to start the call from any contact instead of from the beginning by selecting the radio button next to the contact row.
  6. Ability to skip a specific contact while dialing
  7. Ability to send sms message larger than 160 characters.
  8. Ability to use email/sms template from contact detail as well as while call prospecting.
  9. Ability to create custom list from the main list by filtering with various criteria
  10. Ability to do disposition of contact right after the call in "Call Prospecting Mode".
  11. Ability to send email to the contact immediately after the call in "Call Prospecting Mode".
  12. Ability to send sms to the contact immediately after the call in "Call Prospecting Mode".
  13. New functionality added to create and manage SMS and email template with name personalization. The templates can be used in "Call Prospecting Mode" to send personalized SMS or email with pre-created messages.
  14. Ability to import contacts from CSV File by mapping CSV fields with internal contact fields.
  15. Ability to export processed contacts to CSV file
  16. Ability to Pause after each call with Stop and Resume button
  17. Ability to run the dialer in auto dial mode
  18. Ability to run the dialer in call prospecting mode to update contact, set reminder (appointment), add notes immediately after the call before resuming to the next contact.
  19. Manage Custom List including deleting custom list.

ll MY SALES DIALER a Must have tool for your inside & Outside Sales force ll
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