Thursday 24 January 2013

A power dialer and a predictive dialer

Many tools exist in the sales industry that help to improve sales. They focus on various aspects of the lead to actual sale process. There are two main types of dialers, power dialers and predictive dialers. Each of these has a different function.

A predictive dialer places many calls at the same time. It is an automated system for placing calls that searches for people who pick up their phones. It is used when sales teams have a long list of leads to call and they want to find people that they can speak with and try to make their sales pitch to on the spot.

So how does it work? Simple. The system will place many calls at once from a list of phone numbers to call and then it will attempt to recognize when a live person picks up the phone. As soon as the system detects that a person has picked up their phone it will connect them to the waiting agent who will then make their sales pitch. From the sales perspective, the only problem that may arise with this scenario is that as soon as a predictive dialer connects the agent to a live person it drops all of the other calls. Thus, the agent using the system may unknowing be burning leads that may have led to a sale if the lead had just picked up the phone faster. Not to mention the legal issues associated with this so-called abandonment.

A power dialer works a little differently. The down-side of the power dialer is that there are less calls placed per hour. In return, however, every person who picks up the phone and is ready to buy is able to speak to the agent and work through the sales process. Because of this one to one ratio, leads are not burned through and money is saved this way. Another benefit of a power dialer is the elimination of "telemarketer's pause." Many people hang up their phone as soon as they hear the pause after they answer their phone because they know it is a telemarketer on the line. A power dialer enables the sales rep to get on the phone with the potential client as soon as they pick up, giving the rep a better chance to work the sale through.

All in all, both types of systems have their pros and cons. In my humble opinion, the better of the two is the power dialer. has a great power dialer with built in CRM application, Its feature of working away from office is attracting B2B marketers. Today most of the B2B marketers prefer only power dialer because of prospectus convince ratio of these dialers.

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